Weight vs. Face

I started to track my weight daily on July 4, 2017 after deciding to drop down to 160 lbs for my 40th birthday. I overshot the goal by 6 lbs in November, and then settled around 160 lbs for the next year with a bit of fluxuation.

Somewhat unexpectedly, I lost the final 15 pounds from my face.

To demonstrate how true this was to Theresa (my wife), I went back through our photos and matched them to dates and weights:

After reviewing the chart, the family consensus seems to be:

  1. The shorter the hair, the better. It's a bad idea to voluntarily add volume to my head.
  2. Don't have the barber "line up" my forehead hairline, even if it looks good on everyone else.
  3. Wearing sunglasses that depend on my nose for their angle makes it clear that my nose isn't just big, it's crooked.
  4. The ideal face weight appears to be somewhere between 157 and 160, and things get weird at 155.
  5. Don't ever shave the beard.
  6. It may be possible to make AirPods look good in a photo, but not by me.
  7. I don't represent the views of all family members.

About the technical implementation:

The chart is an SVG generated with the help of d3. The code that writes the chart is pretty straight forward, and probably a good introduction to various basic d3 and SVG concepts. It's available on GitHub.

The photos are simply named by date and stored on S3. The component looks at the "folder" via the ember-cli generated asset map to see what photos are available. It would be fun to experiment with other implementations (especially that put more logic in component templates).

Fun detail... You can click on any red circle to show the photo from that date.